About Us

About Us


Flyer placement services are a professionally progressive placement firm that is an offshoot of the kalvi group of Institutions known for its unique benchmarks in the fields of education and skill development. Kalvi stands as a stalwart in empowering the minds that are talented with confidence and scaled up skills that benefit them and the society at large. Kalvi spreads its aroma of skill development in unique and distinguished ways that enable the society to be equipped in the various domains of competency in education and training.

Flyer being a wing of Kalvi is wired professionally to cater to the multifaceted employment needs of the society. The manpower deficiency in the industry is a bottomless pit. At Flyer Placement services, We aim at constantly enhancing our capabilities in hiring professionally aspiring candidates End to end HR support to the organizations tied up with us, for mutual support, is our prime focus in the Human Resource strategy.


We do not just fill vacancies. We source the best people with the right mix of skills, experience and attitude. We provide permanent and interim management recruitment solutions. Attrition controlled support is our specialty. The process of employing starts with bagging the requirements and then hiring the right fit by understanding the adaptability of the talent. We walk the extra mile by helping the organization to handhold the new employees through orientation and induction process. The process of conducting stay interviews besides the exit interviews are our unique methods of managing manpower resource within the organization. Encouraging the organization to maintain a 360 degree feedback as a part of a fully integrated performance management system is our way for successful retention of employees.


We recognize the organization's desire to improve or change .Investigating the problem, exploring the feasible solutions for the same and creating benchmarks in the manpower demand and supply chain are our focus areas in manpower retention. We carry expertise in evaluating the work force performance and design interventions to implement them in a way to expect and achieve peak results.

OD Intervention is a pointer to prove our professional expertise to any organizational need. A genuine feedback on careful observation of the work force atmosphere will enable us to highlight workable solutions for the situation. We provide guidance at a minimal competitive cost. We guide the organization in fetching solutions that are feasible practically.


The services offered under staffing subarea are exhaustive in nature, wherein our versatile employees would be a part of your workplace portfolio under our payroll service. Our team at Flyer placement services is sufficiently competent to handle any bottleneck of the organization in a professionally efficient manner. Besides professional etiquette, matters that require a high degree of confidentiality like security related issues would be handled with due caution and care. Our human resource staffing function includes responsibility for recruitment and hiring, compensation and benefits, training and development, legal compliance, discipline and employment terminations to name a few.

Ours is a transactional work that is administrative and primarily for the benefit of individuals. Tactile work that is solution focused and for the benefit of the employee is our strong foot.

Our talent management strategies start with getting the talent at the door and hiring the right skill for the right domain. We are also experienced in developing the culture of performance management, creating a company culture centered around good talent management strategies encourages better employee performance and thereby the overall company growth.

Strategic work that is long term involves multiple solutions and benefits specific business units of the entire organization. Developing a framework for strategic staffing by adopting methods that help us to collect essential elements in building the structure is our specialty.

Our path for recruitment starts with determining the needs which is skill focused recruitment, replacement needs due to long leave or retrials and any sales forecasts that directly impact the manpower of the company.

Our procedure of selecting the profile includes candidate screening based on availability of resource, company or domain requirement and the urgency of the need if its immediate or the near future.

Based on the need, once the selection process is through we adopt the best possible ways to recruit and follow processes that include skill, need, timeframe, attitude of the jobseeker, company's compensation and benefit policies for recruitment and retention of staff.


Functions involving balancing and reconciling payroll data and reporting taxes, streamlining the pay and the benefit process in the workplace are efficiently handled. The statutory issues are all maintained by our team that is rich in experience with a sufficient depth of knowledge of the process and procedures. Any legal issues arising during the course of our contract shall be punctually and effectively addressed. Maintaining a smooth, trouble free payroll is our differentiator.


Flyer placement services is a comprehensive professional consulting and resource services company that helps one propel into the future. Our services are geared towards companies operating in India, specifically designed to allow our clients to focus on core business growth while having the right team in place conducting exit interviews replacing the vacancy created in a short time frame by avoiding manpower lacuna and productivity deadlines. We accelerate the development of the company through knowledge sharing seminars and group discussions. we conduct work force feedback surveys, maintain onboarding program and help the organization in strategic issues and technology issues besides human resource issues. if there is a need to restructure the organization we help the organization on the why and what of the restructuring process. We are confident in shaping the future culture of an organization .In short we see you through to reach the company goals efficiently within your anticipated time capsule.

Our mission is to be the one to help you discover opportunities for life.

Here, our expertise lies in offering complete support to client companies for meeting the recruitment and staffing needs .The package includes handling complete aspects of the profile from Sourcing, Selection, Shortlisting . Being totally committed towards establishing and maintaining a positive difference to client's complete staffing needs, we as a leading headhunting and manpower recruitment firm are also recognized for providing exemplary customer service and competent employees to diverse Corporate needs. .With our expertise lying in effectively understanding your manpower requirements, we ensure the recommended/selected candidate has the desired profile to match up best with the given profile. Further, we also ensure that the selected prospective employee is also more than a skilled candidate in terms of having positive attitude and have ability to become member of their team. For sourcing/getting to the right candidate, other than normal conventional mediums (newspapers), we also make use of technology. The focus maintained on online media ensures that our clients receive most suitable candidates for their organization.


What Makes us Different?

As a company and as individuals, FLYER's business ethos is underpinned by three guiding principles:

  • Integrity
  • Efficiency
  • Transparency

We believe that the recruitment process should and can be a smooth, enjoyable journey for all parties. We have therefore crafted a highly professional, but also highly personal service.At FLYER PLACEMENT SERVICES, we don't fill vacancies. We solve our clients business challenges by sourcing the best people with the right mix of skills, experience and attitude

Some of the check points we have are:

  • Full Interview process with seasoned Human Resource Professionals
  • 2 Positive work references or we will not place them
  • Background investigations/ clean backgrounds only
  • Skill assessments - Web based


We understand the importance of a thorough recruitment process from initial engagement right through to on-boarding. Our highly effective talent matching capability provides the highest penetration of candidate reach, through the building of bespoke talent pools that are aligned with the employers' values, vision and cultural fit. Thus employers are able to engage a workforce that is highly productive and motivated to achieve both individual and business success. Placing people at the very centre of our operation is our dipstick. Recruitment is an ever evolving environment and it is crucial to have specialised consultants who truly understand your needs and can change as you change. Every day we assist our clients and candidates to have an innovative and effective presence in the "job market" and it is our collaborative approach which results in better placements and better service. We work with organisations to increase the quality and speed of recruitment by integrating best practices and resource planning, allowing our clients access to the cream of talent inning the war for talent is not just about sourcing top talent; it's about making the right connections and placing people with the right skills in the right place at the right time. Our collaborative approach encompasses the entire human resources circle, allowing us to help clients with their workforce planning. Our extensive client assessment dictates that we have a deep understanding of our clients challenges, as well as their vision and values enabling us to make an accurate skill, role and people specification, making a precise correlation between people and roles.